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What we believe in
Bringing advance analytics, smart alerting, and AI forecasting to retail investors

Who we are

We are a small team of computer scientists dedicated to leveling the field between institutional and retail investors. We pursue this by developing advance analytics, smart alerting, AI forcasting and other tools used by institutional investors, and making them convenient and available to everyone.

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Smart Alerting

With our Smart Alerting feature users can configure personalized triggers on crypto currencies or groups thereof for absolute or fractional changes in the valuations, and always stay informated about important events and changes in the crypto market. Never again miss out on the important movements in the market!


Advance Analytics

Using our Advance Analytics suite we aim at providing the users with the most advanced statistical and AI tools for the crypto trading maketplace. Getting the same quality insights and indicators about target currencies should be as easy and convenient as for any institutional investor.


AI Forecasting

Our ultimate goal is to level the field between institutional and retail investors by providing these advanced tools to our end users. Thus the tools in the Advance Analytics suite include the different AI forecasting methods which will continously evolve and improve, following the latest trends in machine learning, AI, and forecasting.


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